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e-commerce fulfillment is a specialty of Moulton Logistics Management. Moulton has been in the fulfillment and logistics business for over 35 years. Moulton Logistics leads the way with technology that provides an unprecedented depth of web-based online reporting.

Moulton has developed fulfillment programs that address the special needs of e-commerce orders including:

  • fulfillment of online orders, call center orders and mail orders in addition to retail fulfillment
  • online reporting systems available 24/7
  • call center operators specializing in continuity, upselling and save the sale techniques
  • bar code controlled inventory

Moulton Logistics Management specializes in providing indepth online data reporting. Our OrderVision database system gives our customers access to every detail of every order received. Moulton's Dashboard system displays your business at a glance including:

  • orders
  • shipping
  • status of freight account
  • fulfillment costs
  • customer service costs
  • credits vs. shipments

The highly visual Dashboard display offers a new way of looking at your data.

Contact us today at 1-800-808-3304 to learn more about the best in e-commerce fulfillment systems available.

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